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Exclusive Stockist Jewellery Workshop

We are excited to announce the launch of our very first ‘Exclusive Stockist Jewellery Workshop’.

This experience is completely different to the workshops offered before, as it focuses on how Collette creates her jewellery.

The mission is to help jewellery stockists understand Collette’s working practises and design development to really get to grips with the product journey, from the raw materials to the finished piece.  

Those involved will have the opportunity to observe, ask questions and get hands-on making their own pieces of jewellery. This will help improve their knowledge and thus enable them to provide a superior customer service for their own clients.

Not only will this experience build sellers’ confidence when talking about jewellery, but it will enable them to promote the possibilities of customisation, meeting the customer’s needs and creating a more personalised selling opportunity.  

The team at Payne & Son’s Jewellers, based in Oxford, visited Collette to get the full silversmith experience.

Take a look at what they achieved and find out what they thought about the experience.

‘Collette’s method of teaching was great, she is a patient and fun teacher who has the insight to solve problems with the use of her experience and competence in design’ – Matthew.

 ‘I loved how hands on it was - we got straight into making and being creative’ – Harriet.

‘Collette’s teaching methods were engaging and refreshing. She created a fun and friendly environment and she was an attentive and patient teacher, guiding us though the steps whilst also giving us free reign to experiment, make mistakes and learn’ – Chris.

‘I found the card cutting process a clever way of designing our products, it was fun and put us at ease by removing the necessity to draw’ – Chris.

‘Collette made sure our items were polished and finish off so we had a finished item to be proud off’ – Matthew.

‘I would definitely recommend this experience for anyone wanting to learn the process of silversmithing and designing and making their own unique piece of jewellery’ – Harriet.  

Any of my stockists who would be interested in this workshop and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Collette Waudby's Jewellery in Oxford

For those of you who live outside of Birmingham, you can find my jewellery in stockists across the UK.

Find your nearest stockist here.

My largest display of jewellery can be found in the historically rich city of Oxford at Payne & Son Jewellers. 

Situated on the Oxford High street, Payne & Son was established in 1790 and has been passed through eight generations of the family. Still family run, this store has a fascinating timeline, reflecting the engrossing culture of its surroundings.

Check out Payne & Son here:



A day trip to Oxford will not only be a great opportunity to visit Payne & Son, but will offer an enriching experience involving history, great food and quality stores.

Just to name a few unique attractions in Oxford, Blenheim Palace infamous for its Baroque architecture, is well worth a visit, while the 248-year-old Covered Market showcases top quality food, drink and local crafts, supplied by over 40 independent traders (just opposite Payne & Son). 

The shop where Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ bought her sweets 150 years ago, can also be found on the high street, with The University Museum of Natural History just around the corner.

Overflowing with cafes, bars and restaurants, the Oxford city centre will not disappoint! 

For inspiration, here are some suggested itineraries for day trips to Oxford (with little walking involved!)

June 06, 2018


The World is your Oyster - Caring for Pearls

For everyone celebrating your Birthday this month - Pearl is your Birthstone!

Pearls make a timeless and elegant addition to any jewellery lovers’ collection.

Whether it’s a pair of dainty earrings or a statement necklace, these ocean treasures can transform an outfit into the ultimate picture of class.

If you’ve ever wondered how these beauties are formed, we have oysters to thank and the sea current that carries debris into their shells. In order to protect itself, the oyster layers the foreign material with a mineral substance, until the stone transforms into a glistening gem.

Pearls have been worn as a form of adornment for millennia, with the earliest piece found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess, dating back to 420 BC. 

The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the tear drops of joy from the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. How lovely!

The love of pearls continued into the 20th century, while divers risked their lives searching at depths of up to 100ft, to retrieve a ton of oysters that would only generate 3 to 4 good quality pearls.

                                                                                              To this day we have beauty icons flaunting this sought-after jewellery, such as Audrey  Hepburn  with  her ‘Breakfast at  Tiffany’s’ pearl necklace and  Princess Diana’s pearl and sapphire choker.                                        Undoubtedly, pearl wearers will want to take the very best care of them to ensure shine and reduce the chance of damage.


Here are my top 5 tips for looking after your pearls:


1. Since pearls are organic gems, made of calcium carbonate, they are vulnerable to the chemicals found in cosmetics. So, only put on your jewellery after you’ve sprayed your hair spray and perfume.

The golden rule with pearls is ‘Last on, first off’.

2. If you own a pearl ring or bracelet, remember to take it off before any activities that could damage the fragile surface, including bathing, playing sports or even grooming your pet.

3. To clean your pearls, use a soft cloth with a drop of water if necessary. Even the smallest amount of perspiration could take away the pearl’s shine, so remember to give them some TLC after each time you wear them. Top Tip: Use mineral or distilled water, because the chemicals in standard tap water can actually damage the surface. 

4. For storage, I’d recommend that you keep your pearls in a silk bag or velvet lined box, something soft, to ensure that nothing will scratch them. Keeping pearls out of sunlight is a good idea as well, since long term exposure can turn them yellow.

5. If possible, keep your pearls separate from other pieces of jewellery to further ensure that nothing else can scratch or damage them.

Follow these tips and you'll have a glistening set of pearls good enough for a Persian Princess!

Mavilo Pendant with Pearl Drop........Pearl Drop Earrings.......Mavilo Earrings with Pearl Droppers

Gift Wrap Q&A - Mother's Day Gift Opening

 Quite often we’re asked about gift wrapping; how much it costs, when it needs to be ordered by and how it will look – so we made a short film!

Take a look at how Collette wraps these beautifully delicate Verso Earrings for a Mother’s Day gift as well as the heart-warming reaction.

 Gift Wrap Q&A

 How much does it cost?

To be hand wrapped with luxury paper, ribbon and Collette’s special tissue paper, it only costs £5. 

Can I do it myself?

Yes! For just £3, Collette will provide you with all the necessary pieces to wrap the gift yourself.

When do I need to order my gift by to make it in time for the special occasion?

We like to be as fast as possible and often fulfil orders within 2 days, but to avoid disappointment please allow 10 days just in case! 

So, whether it's Mother's Day, a Birthday, Valentines or your Anniversary, don't forget a beautiful gift deserves beautiful wrapping!

An Interview with my Mother

It goes without saying that one day a year really isn’t enough to celebrate our Mothers’ hard-work. From the day we’re born a Mother takes on many roles  (wherever she likes it or not), from teacher, taxi driver and party-planner to chef, story teller and confidant. There will never be enough time to list them all!  For many, a Mother is the best friend you never realised you had.                             

'I just wanted you to work hard and follow your dreams, which you have...'

To mix things up a bit this Mothers Day, Collette interviewed her own Mother; discussing her early dancing career, favourite pieces of jewellery and the most important lesson she wanted to pass on.

Q1. When did you realise I was a  creative/hands-on person? Well you were always making a mess (laughter). When you were about eight, you made a toadstool model for something at Brownies. I didn’t even know you were making it – it just appeared! 

Q2. When I was younger, what did you imagine me doing for a living? I thought you would be a dancer. You were doing so well and getting such fantastic exam results from the Royal Academy it seemed that was the path. I remember vividly sitting through one of the dance awards presentations. They used to go on and on and on. At the end, during the actual ‘giving out’ bit, the Dance teacher was going talking...at length, about the person who was about to win the top award ‘Most promising Student’, thinking ‘phew we can go home soon’ and they said your name! I really wished I’d listened (laughter). 

                                                                                                                       Q3. How did you feel when I went to university to study jewellery? I was sad that my Baby was leaving home but happy you had got to go to the Uni you wanted. You were very ready to leave too (laughter).                                Q4. Can you show me one of your favourite pieces? I love this because it is what I asked for and not at all your style but you did it for me anyway! It was for my 60th Birthday. I also love my gold necklace and earrings

Q5. What are a few of your favourite memories of us together? Being with you when your babies were born. Gosh, there are so many. Seeing you win Jewellery Designer of the Year was also amazing!

Q6. What was the most important lesson you wanted to teach me? (laughter) NOT TO GET PREGNANT! Well, not while you were young anyway. To be honest you were always naturally, fiercely independent and adventurous.                                                                                                     You always worked hard at your part time jobs to get money to do the things you wanted to do. I just wanted you to work hard and follow your dreams, which you have.

February 26, 2018


Collette’s Top Tips for Cleaning Jewellery

Once you have chosen and invested in a piece of jewellery to treasure, the last thing you want is discolouration, tarnish or dirt to gather. Especially with those favourite pieces you like to wear on a regular basis which are exposed to the oils, makeup and perfume on your skin, it’s important that your jewellery is cleaned and protected to stay flawless!

Collette understands this better than anyone and has created an easy, low tech process of cleaning your precious jewellery, using items you’ll find around the house.

You will need:

  • Glass or plastic bowl
  • Aluminium foil
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Salt
  • Inexpensive washing detergent (like Persil)
  • Plastic spoon
  • Soft old toothbrush
  • Kettle

Here’s a short video with Collette, explaining the process with a beautiful necklace from the Lillium collection.


  1. Tear a piece of foil to line your bowl (please note that the foil cannot be reused)
  2. Add 1 spoon of salt
  3. Add 1 spoon of washing detergent
  4. Fill the bowl with boiled water
  5. Ensure that all the jewellery is touching the foil
  6. Once it stops fizzing, empty out the contents

If there are some stubborn areas:

  1. Use a damp tooth brush with some bicarbonate of soda to brush the jewellery
  2. Once you’re happy, rinse in water to remove all residue
  3. Dry with a towel


Top Tip: While you’re not wearing your jewellery, wrap up your pieces in acid free tissue paper. This will help protect its shine and prevent tarnish!

Now you can wear your freshly polished jewellery and in the words of Gem Hunt ‘Get your sparkle on!’


February 13, 2018


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Working in the Jewellery Quarter

During the 18th century, Great Britain revolutionised the process of manufacturing goods.    

If Britain was the ‘workshop of the world’, then the Jewellery Quarter was the goldsmith’s creative flair.

'Generations of jewellers are somehow soaked up into buildings.' 

Once referred to as the ‘toy shop’ of Europe, the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is now rich with 250 years of art, history and community spirit.

Since graduating university in 1995, Collette has worked amidst the hustle of bustle in a traditional goldsmith workshop.

'This is my world - this is where I'm happiest.' 

Quite a few of the techniques she uses are centuries old and in Collette's words, 'this makes it quite a special craft'. Not much has changed over the years of jewellery design and creation, but your imagination is your only limit. 

 Working as a community, Collette’s suppliers and stockists are also small, independent and often family businesses. Not only does this cultivate long-lasting relationships, but it keeps the neighbourhood strong and prosperous.

Surrounded by creatives with years of expertise, the support and advise, without a doubt, enriches the quality of Collette’s work.

'I cannot imagine doing anything else.'

 Described by English Heritage as ‘a national treasure’, it comes as no surprise that Collette simply loves the history and generations of jewellers which are ‘somehow soaked up into the buildings’.

'I feel lucky being a part of the history of jewellery...'

And we’ll leave you with a few of our favourite facts about The Jewellery Quarter: 

  1. Over a THIRD of British jewellery comes from the jewellery quarter. 

  2. Around 500 businesses currently operate here, including many fantastic bars and restaurants.

  3. A 2 minute walk from the station will get you straight into the heart of the jewellery quarter.

  4. In the 18th century, craftsmen were known as ‘small masters’, meaning they ran small, family businesses that produced large quantities of jewellery using hand-powered machinery (not much has changed!)


The Beautiful Woods

Thinking of the mood I wanted for my images, a favourite Burne-Jones quote came immediately to mind:

''I mean by a picture a beautiful romantic dream of something that never was, never will be - in a light better than any light that ever shone - in a land no one can define, or remember, only desire''

I am a bit of a romantic and I adore the work of the  Pre-Raphaelites. This Image of John William Waterhouse's 'Ophelia' offered something of a starting point.

The importance of good photography is so so crucial . I chose to work with the very talented Sam at Rose and Rainbow Photography. I had seen her style and felt that her style was so perfect I didn't want to butt in with my arty quotes and images and that I would allow her creative feedom to interpret my work. If you do look at her other stuff, you will see, she has just 'got it'.

We used two wonderful models, Hannah and Alarna, whose patience was unbelievable. The look was created by Make-up and Hair by Gemma. WOW! it was amazing to see just how the right make-up creates the perfect look! 

Location was a no-brainer. I adore visiting the local woods. Warley Woods is dear to my heart for many reasons. To visit is to escape for a moment and be surrounded by the beauty of nature among tree's much older than I and that will stand long after I am gone. Kane & I love to bring the children here too. In fact they were around during the shoot and we convinced them the models were fairies. Look at them! It wasn't hard.

I learnt so much about how natural light can be the most amazing studio you could ask for. We started at 10am and worked until almost 6pm. Having done nothing apart from move around the woods to the different location, I was exhausted! Sam still had so much energy and never compromised when getting the right shot. Hannah and Alarna still looked serenely beautiful! I love the images so much I want to share them with you.

Featured Jewellery: Mavilo Slim Leaf Necklace & Mavilo Slim Twisted Leaf Bracelet 


Featured Jewellery: Verso NecklaceVerso Bracelet 


Neck, Wrist and Ring Sizing


As a default all our pendants are hung on 18 inch chains. We have found this is the most popular length. We can supply our pendants on 16'' 18'' 20'' 22'' 24''. 

To decide what is the best length for you, measure an existing chain that is a comfortable length and make a note to help when choosing.

Alternatively, use a piece of string or ribbon to determine the perfect length for you.

Click the image below to see our guide.



Bracelets are very straightforward. The universally accepted length is 7 to 71/2 inches. Ours all have a short extender chain to allow for a little variation.

Bangles can be a bit trickier. We have a great tool you can download to help with this. You can place your own bangle over the template or cut it out and carefully put your hand through the hole. We find the medium is by far our most popular size.

Click the image below to see our guide.



This to can be tricky, especially if it is for a surprise gift!

We have spent some time developing two tools on one page for you to help determine your size. There are clear instructions on the PDF tool that make it super easy to use and has proven to given accurate measurements.

Click the image below to see our guide.